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Welcome to The Slow Haus Collective!

A meeting place for the creative community by the creative community. We are proudly dedicated to inspiring, educating, and elevating the new creative and believe in the transformative power of slow creation and holistic growth---both personally and professionally.

Let's make some magic!

the slow haus
Slow-made // High-vibe // community inclusive

Join us!



Come see IRL what The Slow Haus is all about. We've thoughtfully curated an intentional collective of creatives and classes in a backdrop of stunning displays, live music sets, locally crafted food and drinks, and plenty of opportunities for you, your family, and friends to get crafty. You'll discover the best of our local community when you attend a Slow Haus event! We invite you to support local, support the creative community, and join us in experiencing the magic being made!

The Slow Haus is dedicated to helping creatives get inspired, educated, and elevated. We've created our platform to help you sell your work, grow your business, and get immersed in a supportive community for makers, by makers. Our Bi-annual Market, Monthly Workshops, and Creative Educational Resources are a careful curation of artisans that display passion, diversity, and innovation. Visit our 'Join the Team' page to learn more about how you can get involved and stay in the know for future creative opportunities!  

Accessibility is our highest priority at The Slow Haus. Our free and low-cost educational resources are designed to help creatives and small business owners achieve holistic success with ease. Explore our curated collection of tips, expert interviews, and education on all aspects of creative entrepreneurship. Our blog is here to support you on your creative journey, with resources to help you build your brand, create engaging content, and manage your business. Check out our blog to get inspired, educated, and elevated!

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