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about the slow haus

The Slow Haus is a collective dedicated to inspiring, educating, and elevating the new creative. We bring slow-made, high-vibe, and community-inclusive experiences to everyone, while promoting a more sustainable and accessible way of learning, living, and leading. Our range of free educational resources, low-cost workshops, and income-producing opportunities are here to help you out whether you are a seasoned creative or just starting out.

Welcome and thank you for being a part of our vibrant creative community and we can't wait to see what magic you bring to The Slow Haus!

About the founder

Hi there!

I'm Lisa Nguyen, and I'm honored to be the founder of The Slow Haus.

My creative journey started in a household that instilled the values of hard work, academic excellence, and going the extra mile. However, as I faced systemic inequality and witnessed capable individuals held back by financial barriers, I became driven to break down those barriers and bring accessibility to the forefront.

I understand the frustration of feeling stuck and unable to reach your potential in a system that often seems exploitative. But I also know that with the right tools, resources, and community support, anything is possible! This is why I founded The Slow Haus - to create a supportive and empowering environment that enables creatives and business owners to achieve their dreams.

Over the past 12 years, I've experienced both challenges and triumphs--all small seeds planted to bring me to this purpose-- and I'm thrilled to be at a capacity to share my knowledge and experience with you alongside an amazing group of entrepreneurs with unique and inspiring journeys to learn from. Whether we've met in person or not, I'm grateful that you're here, living passionately and striving for a more holistic and creative way to success. Let's continue to support each other, climb higher, and create magic together.

With love and magic,

Lisa Nguyen

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